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We are an independent economic research firm and a provider of learning material in macroeconomics (with a strong global focus) for business audience worldwide.

Macroeconomic Intelligence Unit (MIU)
Our Macroeconomic Intelligence Unit (MIU) primarily tracks and analyzes the economic performance of major economies - Japanese, US, UK, Indian, Chinese and Eurozone (i.e. JUUICE℠ economies) - that together have a very significant influence on the global economic environment. This unit also broadly tracks global financial markets and the business environment.

Our Offerings

I. JUUICE Economies Monitor (Quarterly)

MIU has recently launched a quarterly publication - JUUICE Economies Monitor (Quarterly) that provides updates and unbiased analysis of the economic performance of JUUICE℠ economies and their near-term economic outlook (along with a brief analysis of the global economy and its near-term outlook). This publication will come out four times a year - January, April, July and October. For more details, please click on the link below:

JUUICE Economies Monitor (Quarterly)

II. Learning Material

We provide self-study learning material in macroeconomics with a practical orientation and strong global focus. Through our learning material, we seek to equip business audience worldwide with the necessary knowledge to understand the increasingly volatile global economic environment. To know more about our learning material in macroeconomics, please click on the link below:

Learning Material