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Sher Mehta
Macroeconomist and Econometrician

Sher is a professional economist (Specialist in Macroeconomic Monitoring) who has worked predominantly in London, UK (prior to, during and after the global financial crisis of 2007-2009) and Mumbai, India. He has been educated in Mumbai, India, London, UK and Antwerp, Belgium. His forte lies in monitoring and analysis of the economic performance of JUUICEâ„  economies (Japan, US, UK, India, China and Eurozone) and analysis of business cycles. He is also an experienced econometrician and provides training/coaching in statistical analysis, econometric modelling and business and economic forecasting (using relevant softwares).

Sher started his career with a Mumbai based consultancy firm (CCMC) in January 1994 and worked in the realm of consumer and card industry research. After gaining some valuable experience, he joined another Mumbai based consultancy firm (Consult Opportune) and worked in the realm of consumer, banking and macroeconomic research until August 2001.Thereafter, he left for the UK to pursue a Master's degree (MSc in Business and Economic Forecasting) from a renowned university in London.

Upon completion of studies, Sher worked with a division of WPP (a leading media conglomerate) in London (Trafalgar Square), Transport for London (Westminster, London), Southeastern Railways (Waterloo, London) and CERAF Economic Research Centre (Central London). This was followed by a sabbatical in Belgium in 2011-2012, where he specialized in macroeconomic policy. Having garnered valuable work experience in the realm of macroeconomic monitoring in London, UK, and Mumbai, India and after having witnessed the Asian financial crisis (1997-1998), global financial crisis (2007-2009) and the European debt crisis (2009-2012), Sher decided to set up Macroeconomics School (October 2014). He is currently in charge of its Macroeconomic Intelligence Unit (MIU) and also oversees the development of learning material in macroeconomics - meant primarily for business audience worldwide.

Sher possesses well-rounded work experience (private and public sector) in both developed and developing economies and in very diverse economic milieus/scenarios, which enables him to conduct macroeconomic monitoring and analysis within an integrated, smart and pragmatic conceptual framework. Notably, he has invaluable experience of setting up a full-fledged macroeconomic intelligence unit (2008-2009) and monitoring global financial markets during his stint in London.

Sher is substantially interested in global economic research, econometric modelling & economic forecasting, global macroeconomics, business cycles, monetary policy, global financial markets, corporate finance, housing markets, retail/consumer banking and consumer expenditure analysis. Further, he is a member of the American Economic Association and the Chinese Economist Society. If you are keen on viewing his recent media coverage, please visit the News & Media page. He may be contacted at sher.mehta@macroeconomics-school.com

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