JUUICE Economies Monitor (Quarterly)

JUUICE Economies Monitor (Quarterly) is for business audience worldwide who wish to understand the increasingly volatile global economic environment, due to its rising influence on business conditions, corporate earnings, business and financial investment related decision-making, business strategy, macroeconomic and financial stability of economies across the globe, currency fluctuations and capital flows across borders.

Contents of JUUICE Economies Monitor (Quarterly)

Executive Summary
Global Economy - Update & Outlook
State of the Economy and Near-Term Economic Outlook:
- Japanese Economy
- US Economy
- UK Economy
- Indian Economy
- Chinese Economy
- Eurozone Economy

Month of Publication

JUUICE Economies Monitor (Quarterly) will come out four times a year - January, April, July and October. For further information, or to purchase this publication, please contact us at info@macroeconomics-school.com